Welcome to Holy Spirit Primary School, Kurri Kurri. I trust you and your family will find your association with our school both happy and rewarding. At Holy Spirit, we strive to make our Catholic school a community where each person may experience love, acceptance and friendship, thereby developing a greater sense of personal esteem.

The Catholic school is an organisation of talented and creative people who are dedicated to the intellectual, emotional, social, physical, spiritual and educational development of children. Catholic schools by their very nature are intrinsically linked to the traditions and history of the Catholic Church that are constantly embedded through our dynamic Religious Education programs. 

Parents are undoubtedly the first educators of their child and I believe that a strong partnership between parents and school assists in the development of the whole child. I encourage parents therefore, to be involved in the learning situation and in the school social environment.

The school recognises the uniqueness of each child and strives to fulfil the specific needs of every child through the formation and imparting of appropriate educational programs. The aims and nature of such programs must be to create a stimulating environment, where children progressively and enthusiastically acquire knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviour patterns that will equip them to make a worthwhile contribution to society in later life and ultimately to achieve personal development.

It is vitally important that the pupils in Catholic schools are constantly challenged to search for meaning and truth in their early daily lives. The development of critical and creative problem-solving skills will be necessary in this quest. As an organisation focussed on learning we must be creative, flexible and be willing to adapt to the changing needs of our time, so that we remain relevant and effective. 

Holy Spirit Primary School is a vital part of the Parish and it is through a constant process of sharing and collaboration and prayer that we can work towards bringing the kingdom alive in our daily lives.

Paul O’Heir